Skyscraper (2018)

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Skyscraper (2018)

Action | Thriller | Drama
6 / 10
Release Date
11 July 2018
1 : 42 minutes
Spoken Language
普通话, English
Framed and on the run, a former FBI agent must save his family from a blazing fire in the world's tallest building.

Cast Overview :

Will Sawyer
by: Dwayne Johnson
Sarah Sawyer
by: Neve Campbell
by: Pablo Schreiber
by: Roland Møller
by: Kevin Rankin
Ajani Okeke
by: Adrian Holmes
Zhao Long Zhi
by: Chin Han
Inspector Wu
by: Byron Mann
by: Paul McGillion
by: Venus Terzo
by: Noah Taylor
Fire Chief
by: Tzi Ma
by: McKenna Roberts
Ray's Son
by: Jett Klyne
Asian Lady
by: Beatrice Ilg
Cantonese Newscaster
by: Kathy Wu
Sergeant Han
by: Elfina Luk
Ben's Neighbour
by: Vivian Full
Gunman 1
by: Jason William Day
by: Noah Cottrell
Ray's Wife
by: Gretal Montgomery
Gunman 2
by: Ryan Handley
Big Man / Gun Man 3
by: Sean Kohnke
Swedish Newscaster
by: Malin Barr

Member Reviews :

You might expect a former FBI agent to be able to handle a gun, or protect himself at gunpoint. But you sure as hell don’t expect a doctor to, and yet, Sarah Sawyer can not only steal a gun pointed at her, she can stop a burning building’s fire without even being in the building! Will Sawyer’s posed with a challenge when the tablet that he was for some reason given with full control of the security system and just about everything else about the building, gets stolen, the building set on fire, and his family stuck above the fire with little means to get out. Will, who is now a suspect, takes it upon himself to enter the burning building, get his family, and leave the burning building. This isn’t as easy as that sounds, because there’s a MacGuffin to be gotten and the people that set the building on fire will stop at nothing to get it. Oh, and did I mention **he only has one leg!** _Minor spoilers ahead._ Skyscraper was extremely predictable, the only thing I didn’t see coming was the fact that they wasted five minutes of our time showing Will telling Sarah to turn off and back on her phone to fix it, just to set up the ending where Sarah turns off and back on the building to stop the fire. The one thing I did enjoy from this film was near the ending when they’re in _The Pearl_, but you don’t watch a movie for a single scene. Rawson Thurber should stick to comedy, where he has experience. This is a waste of the $125,000,000 it took to make it, and it’s a waste of the $12 to watch it. Skip this one.
  Jedi Burrell